easy joining

  • Sign up for an account and register the class or join room quickly

  • With just a few simple steps to register, you can become an online trainer, a viewer, a online learners.

  • You can participate in different rooms, or to register more rooms.

full control

  • You can mute all the viewers to focus on one person as your presentation

  • You can invite any person from public view room

  • With classes, you can choose to agree or not participants in your room

Flexible timing

  • You can pick and choose the time registration opened room, invite members to register to attend, or to open tuition class in your chosen course.

  • All programs are introduced on the website details. Creating conditions for membership options and attend various rooms.

With classes for a fee

  • With regular classes, classroom funding to maintain favourable online. SharingSector will help you contact the list of student organisations, faculty fees help.

  • Presenter just need to be in time for lectures scheduled. SharingSector will do all the the rest./p>