Innovators Needed - Land Transport Authority

Up for the challenge?

Here’s what you need to do:

The LTA Engineering Challenge is open to all students currently studying in institutes of higher learning including Universities, Polytechnics and Institute of Technical Education, as well as engineering professionals.

Interested individuals are required to form teams of at least 2 but no more than 7 members.

Teams are to submit an initial project proposal by 31 March 2016, to The technical project proposal must include the following:

• Project Title
• Background
• Project Description
• Prototype proposal
• Cost-benefits analysis

The format of proposal should be in a write-up of not more than 10 pages long (A4 PDF file, minimum font size 11).

Supplementary materials such as a video (not longer than 5 minutes) or a PowerPoint deck (not exceeding 10 slides) are accepted as appendices accompanying the proposal submission.

Teams with technical proposals of file size larger than 10MB shall share their submissions via Dropbox and submit through email to

Shortlisted teams will be notified by May 2016. They will proceed to Stage 2, where they develop their entries into prototypes for final judging.

Only shortlisted teams from Stage 1 will proceed to Stage 2, where they will develop their entries into prototypes for final judging.

Shortlisted teams are to produce an illustrative model showcasing their entry with visualisations, e.g. technical prototype, scale model, interactive computer simulation, video clip, or other alternative presentation format together with an explanatory write-up of not more than 80 pages. Teams will submit their proposals by 9 September 2016 (Friday) to LTA through

Each team will be required to make a 10-min oral presentation of their prototype/model to the judges at the pre-judging stage in mid-September 2016. There will also be a Question and Answer session by the judges.

Teams will showcase their completed prototypes at the Singapore International Transport Congress and Exhibition in October 2016, where the final judging will take place.

Each shortlisted team will be reimbursed S$1,000 after their presentation at the Exhibition.

To facilitate the judging, teams will be grouped in the following categories:

• University
• Polytechnic / ITE
• Open / Invited