Innovators Needed - Land Transport Authority

Engineering our vision of “Sustainable Transport” and “Future Mobility”

Participants are invited to explore their ideal future of land transport in Singapore in the two themes of ‘Sustainable Transport’ and ‘Future Mobility’. Their product should show relevance to either one of the themes by providing some form of solution addressing their respective challenge questions, as shown.

What is expected?

round 1:

Submit a written proposal. Shortlisted teams will proceed to Round 2.

round 2:

Shortlisted teams will develop a prototype for their proposals.



What would a transport system look like if street space is centred around the pedestrian and not the driver?


Identify and propose innovative mobility solutions for mature HDB towns in Singapore, with an aim to encourage a “car-lite” travel environment. here's a tip


Imagine a future where vehicles can drive by themselves, allowing commuters to travel in a more convenient and sustainable way.


How would self-driving vehicles and/or other new technologies transform our transport system while overcoming our land and manpower constraints?


Identify potential challenges to the implementation of self-driving vehicles and propose solutions to overcome these challenges. here's a tip