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To make sure we get it right, we’re conducting a brief survey. It’s fun and informative and it’s been specifically designed to help you get more out of being an IHG® Rewards Club member. Any information you give us will be used only with your best interests in mind. We want to send you relevant, interesting offers and promotions based on the things you tell us and actually want to see.

Just scroll down to start the survey. It’ll only take a few minutes and, to show our appreciation, we’ll give you 50 IHG® Rewards Club bonus points for every single answer you give us. So complete all 20 questions, hit submit and hey presto...1,000 points for your thoughts. Thank you.

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1) Tell us more about yourself so we can send you offers you'll appreciate. To start, at which brand of hotels are you most likely to stay?

2) Who makes your hotel booking?

3) In what period of the year do you normally travel? (Please select month/s where it applies)

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4) To which region/s do you mostly travel?

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5) What's the main purpose for
your stay?

6) Which part of the week are you most likely to stay?

7) Which appeals most to you;
bonus points, bonus miles or free nights?

8) How often do you travel in a year?

9) How long is your average stay?

10) In which country and at which brand of hotel would you like to take your first free night?

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(To find out which is the fastest way
to get your free night, change your
answers in Qns 8, 9 & 10)

11) What would you like to redeem with your IHG® Rewards Club points?

12) What do you look for in a hotel besides the price? (Select 3 that matter most to you)

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13) Where do you prefer your hotel to be close to?

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14) At what type of hotel do you like to stay?

15) How best would you describe your attitude towards hotel living?

16) At Holiday Inn, Kids Stay and Eat Free! Do you have any children under the age of 18?

17) Do you have a smartphone?

18) Have you downloaded the IHG® mobile app? (Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows Mobile)

19) What's the best way to tell you about our offers? (Select all that apply)

Don't worry, we understand your time is precious and won't call you for marketing purposes.

20) If you’d like to make it easier by receiving special offers and promotions, please give us your mobile number.